Why Choose Dr. O'Carrigan?

Dr O'Carrigan's Mission is to Reconstruct Limbs and Lives by relieving pain and correcting deformity. This is achieved by providing customized, individually tailored solutions to patients with a focus on Foot and Ankle Surgery, Joint Replacement and complex deformity correction. This is achieved by focusing on addressing your specific problem and combining Dr O'Carrigan's considerable experience and training with the latest proven technologies to relieve pain, correct deformity and improve your quality of life.

Limb Reconstruction Service NSW combines the most comprehensively trained Limb Reconstruction Surgeon in NSW with an experienced surgical team to safely guide you through the surgical process. Dr O'Carrigan also has a comprehensive network of other professionals (Rehab, Physio, Pain Management) who can assist in the non-operative aspect to your management so that we can provide a safe and comprehensive solution to your specific problem.

  • 25 years of Experience
  • Tailored advice to match your
  • Emphasis on outcomes and care for his patients
  • What do I do next?