Our Approach

Mission Statement

“To Relieve Pain and Correct Deformity - one patient at a time”

At LRS New South Wales we aim to reconstruct limbs and lives one patient at a time by focussing on an individual, tailored operative or nonoperative solution to a patient's specific problem.

One patient at a time

We approach every patient as an individual, we first:

  • carefully listening to the patient,
  • conducting a thorough physical examination and
  • reviewing targeted investigations

to achieve an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of the patients problem.

Your Condition is Diagnosed

Once the problem is identified, Dr O’Carrigan combines both knowledge and experience with the latest surgical techniques to your problem.

Non Surgical Outcome

Surgery isn't always the answer. Dr O’Carrigan will only recommend surgery if he believes that it is truly the best option to address your issue.

If surgery is not required then he will identify the best non operative approach and also assist with finding appropriate professionals who can assist you with this treatment.

Surgical Outcome

If surgery is required, Dr O’Carrigan provides:

  • detailed explanation of the procedure
  • the surgery’s aims, and
  • expected outcomes.

He uses literature and digital mediums to assist with the explanation. These include informative diagrams and surgical animations.

Further, every procedure’s potential risks and complications are thoroughly discussed and a written record of the discussion is created.

Clearly Defined Surgical Outcomes

Dr O’Carrigan’s guiding principle is to “Underpromise and Overdeliver”-

Dr O’Carrigan is careful to avoid patients having unrealistic expectations of what an operation can achieve, but to also to communicate that we can anticipate most of the potential problems and take steps to avoid them. Saying this, no surgical procedure is risk free.

Surgery is a Team Effort

Dr O’Carrigan’s surgical team is tremendous. The core group have worked closely for over 15 years.

Dr Vernier is our anaesthetist. He is the head of the Anaesthetic Department at Liverpool and Fairfield Hospitals, an experienced Cardiac Surgery Anaesthetist and is capable of conducting extremely complex and difficult anaesthetics. Dr Vernier has all the skills and experience necessary to keep you safe during the surgery.

Dr O’Carrigan is also ably assisted by Dr Pavel Prociuk. A friend and colleague from University days. Dr Prociuk is a professional surgical assistant who has been assisting Dr O’Carrigan and other orthopaedic surgeons for 15 years.

Both key team members are familiar with Dr O’Carrigans surgical techniques and have similar philosophies of combining meticulous surgical technique with the patients wellbeing and safety being paramount.

In addition every team member participates in continuous Professional Development to provide a both up to date techniques and the most appropriate tailored approach to your problem.

After Surgery Care

Patients will be seen at appropriate intervals postoperatively as the clinical situation demands.

The standard interval would be 10 days to two weeks post surgery for removal of sutures and assessment of the wound and initial recovery. Appropriate advice regarding weight bearing and physiotherapy will be provided.

Any Post Operative Questions

Patients often have queries and concerns postoperatively and our staff can always be contacted on 02 9602 1113 or an email can be sent to info@timocarrigan.com.au detailing the query.

These questions are addressed promptly.

Where Dr. O’Carrigan input is required and he is in theatre, your queries will addressed as soon as possible.

If there is an urgent problem, patients should attend their GP or the Emergency Department of the nearest hospital. They should also contact Dr O’Carrigan from there.

If necessary the patient can be transferred back to the private hospital under Dr O’Carrigan’s care for ongoing treatment.

Your Care and Safety

The approach of Dr O’Carrigan and his team at LRSNSW is always to put patient care and safety as the highest priority.

Our role is to guide you through the surgical process in a thorough and respectful manner, utilizing appropriate surgical techniques and technology to achieve the best possible outcome.