First Visit Guide

Our aim is to provide you with all the information that you would need to make informed decisions about managing your health.

Initial Consultation

At LRSNSW or Dr O'Carrigan will:

  • Request detailed information about your symptoms,
  • Take a medical history of your current and past ailments,
  • Perform a thorough physical and/or other examinations.

What to Bring on

On your first visit please remember to bring the following:

Medical Information

  • Referral Letter (GP, family physician or another doctor)
  • X Rays, MRI or CT scans
  • Medical and Family History
  • Copies of Pathology Reports
  • Any other relevant information
  • List of current medications
  • Allergies to pharmaceuticals or other
  • Relevant Journal, Exercise or Travel Plans

Personal Information

  • Medicare card, DVA card, pension card
  • Private Hospital Insurance details
  • Driver’s license or valid ID
  • If work related - Employer’s Letter

Ask Questions

It’s not uncommon to have questions or doubts, which we will encourage you to clarify before you leave the clinic.

While certain diagnostic tests such as blood tests or imaging tests may be ordered to confirm your diagnosis. We will take time to explain the options for the possible treatments

Some Questions to ask your Doctor

One of the most important thing to tell your doctor, apart from your medical history, is any specific concerns or fears you may have regarding your condition or treatment.  It is normal to be nervous about your health, but it is hard for your doctor to allay your fears or reassure you should you keep your thoughts to yourself.

What are the other options besides surgery?

When surgery is recommended, it is often the best treatment, based on the evidence available.  When considering surgery both you and your doctor will balance the risk of surgery against the risk of not having surgery.  There may be multiple other treatments available and your own circumstances may mean you prefer not to have surgery.

Diagnosis and Recommendations

After reviewing any diagnostic results,  Dr O’Carrigan will recommend appropriate treatment.

What is Next

Our staff will go through the details of costs and logistics with you.  Please contact my rooms to discuss consultation fees and payment options.

If you still have questions when you leave the office, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.