No Health Insurance

Dr O’Carrigan does not have a public Hospital Appointment so if you require surgery but do not have private health insurance then Dr O’Carrigan will refer you to a colleague with a public hospital appointment who can carry out your surgery.

If you choose to have Dr O’Carrigan perform your surgery as a Self Funded Patient then a detailed quote will be provided by Dr O’Carrigans staff as well as the hospital and my anaesthetist and assistant. When patients self fund it is usually very expensive because the patient has to pay for all the costs associated with the treatment and this is very expensive. This course of action should only be chosen after careful consideration by the patient of the potential financial implications and Dr O’Carrigan usually discourages patients choosing that path.

It is possible for patients to access their Superannuation to fund operations.

Patients can also elect to take out private health insurance and have their surgery after 12 months.